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Pension Fund provides retirement security for employees of Disciples of Christ Churches, Christian Churches, Churches of Christ and other Stone-Campbell heritage ministries, and related organizations. Pension Fund continues a tradition of service with trust, security and compassion in support of the church and its ministry worldwide.

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Giving back to those who have served.

Hundreds of faithful church leaders are served every year with your gifts. Please consider giving back to those who have given to all of us.


"We are blessed and thankful for our monthly income from the Pension Fund."
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Latest News:

July 07, 2016
Due to the pending Canada Post lockout, mail to and from Canada may be disrupted. As a result, we are notifying our Canadian Pension Fund members of the following:
April 27, 2015
The board approved a 1.25% Special Apportionment for Canadian Pension Plan members.

Pension Fund constantly remains fully funded – which means we have solid reserves that provide a security "cushion" against market downturns.